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Please take a moment to read what some of our many satisfied customers have taken the time to write us about their Humidex® system.

June 2014
Dear Mike,

My wife and I have owned our summer cottage for over 22 years. Being closed up for 2 weeks at a time has always been an issue with air quality. When we would open the door the air would hit you like walking into a brick wall. We always had mildew problems and I also had allergy problems there.

In November of last year we had the Humidex installed. Wow! I wish we would've done this 22 years ago. All of the above air problems are now gone. Now when you open up the door all you smell is fresh air.

In the Winter months of January, February, and March we shut off everything in the cottage except the Humidex. With the Humidex running I then looked at my electric meter. I could not see the wheel on the meter moving. When I received the electric bills for those 3 months, each bill showed electric useage of 0 kws.

We are 100% satisfied with the Humidex. In fact I am now going to have one installed in our home. I can't wait to see our electric bill after not having to run a dehumidifier in the summer.

Ken H.
January 3, 2014
Dear Gordon,

Thank you very much for letting us pay on credit for the unit. Sorry for the late payments and thank for your understanding. I believe this last check will pay off the balance. Please let me know if not.

Julie & Sean F.
Ripley, ME

P.S. The unit made a huge difference in our air!!
You recently installed a Humidex in my home. I am writing to tell you that I had results within 24 hours. Your product was a blessing. I had all but given up hope as to how to get the moisture from my home.

You may use me as a referral to anyone who wishes [a] recommendation.

Thank you so much for the prompt courteous service.

Pat B.
Freeport, ME
October 3, 2011
To: Northeast Humidity

As you know, we've had our Humidex unit in our basement for about a year now. We had it installed last October.

This is the best investment we have made to eliminate the mold and dampness from our basement. We have owned this house in Stonington, Me., on Deer Isle, for about 13 years. We were unable to use the space for storage of anything that would accept moisture. That includes anything made of cloth, from household items to clothing. Cardboard storage boxes would eventually fall apart from the moisture they absorbed. I have now built multiple storage shelf units in the basement and they are now full of our seasonal items that we change from season to season. We can store any cloth item without worry of getting that musty smell in the material, forcing us to usually throw it away.

Our upstairs part of the house is drier all winter long also, without the usual moisture build up on the windows. This Humidex Ventilation unit has given us a dry basement and house we never had out here on the island.

Thank you so much Gordon!!

Steve & Phyllis S.
Stonington, ME
I purchased a Humidex 15 [to] 20 years ago and it is still running. [The unit] has had no maintenance. We are moving and want to get one for the new home. It not only helps the stale air smell, but also keeps the radon level in the basement down!

Jack R.
Cape Elizabeth, ME
February 21, 2010

This is in regard to our Humidex that was installed three weeks ago. First: Sandy Duncan recommended the Humidex to us as she had purchased one about three years ago and is very satisfied with it.

Second: we have had many moisture problems in our home and [the Humidex] appeared to be the answer. We bought one and had it installed. Since that time we have not had moisture problems on our windows. The unit takes moisture out of the shower. I have a C-Pap for breathing, now I can breath through both nostrils and my snoring is vastly reduced. The mold and mildew has been reduced and I expect that in time it will disappear.

Third: Henry installed our unit and suggest a wonderful location to vent it. He did a very good and clean job.

We only had [the Humidex] a few days and turned the fan to a low setting. Needless to say we a very satisfied with the sales, installation, and operation of the unit.

Harold & Marilyn H.
Chamberlain, ME

P.S. We have a lot less dust. HALLELUJAH!
During really humid days our house is normally unbearable but since installing the Humidex, the humidity has been cut in half! Our basement is now warm and dry and we no longer worry about moisture damaging our items stored there.

Mark & Darlene C.
Veazie, ME
April 13, 2009
To: Northeast Humidity

I have one in my house and it's a Godsend I believe. I also have a tiny cottage on the same property and [I] would like to buy the smaller apartment sized model. Where can I get this in the Greater Portland, ME area...and is there someone that you recommend for installation?

Regarding the one I have in the far it's been doing a great job with no maintenance but I would like to keep it working by treating it right.


Cathy W.
Gray, ME
January 18, 2005
Dear Gordon,

I started the system on 40% humidity and have left it there. On the first day most of the windows where dry and clear. The following day they were completely clear and so was the ceiling. [The Humidex] has done all that you and the advertising promises. [The Humidex] was well worth the investment.

Thank you for taking the time to fully explain your system.

Paul T.
Lewiston, ME
March 13, 2003
Dear Phil,

The reason we decided to install this product was due to my newborn son having severe asthma and it seemed nothing provided him with relief. After the installation of the system remarkably hours later his breathing was much improved and has since. The quality of air that is now in my home I can honestly say is as pure as it gets. My son has not had to be hospitalized since it was installed, before the addition of the system I was in the hospital almost every month.

Denise & Bill K.
Port Jefferson, NY
Humidex® Warranty
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Humidex® products carry a 10-year parts warranty. Amortize the cost of the unit over ten years and compare that number to the cost of a conventional dehumidifier that needs to be replaced every few years!

Be sure to ask about the 10-year parts warranty when you call.
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