Improve your home’s air quality with a Humidex® air exchange system.
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Turn your moist, musty basement into a liveable space. Our associates have over 50 years combined experience installing and servicing Humidex® products and systems in Maine, New Hampshire, and Eastern Massachusetts. Our team is skilled in finding the best air exchange solution for your home and custom installation by our expert installation team is always free. For prompt, courteous service, call (207) 368-5161 for an estimate. There is never any obligation!

Cost Savings: Dehumidifiers vs. Humidex®

The investment is minimal for the value provided - health, structural integrity, and comfort. The savings in electricity (Humidex® = pennies a day) versus a dehumidifier (100s of watts = dollars a day) will result in an investment payback within 2-3 years.

Avg electricity cost = $35.00/mo

Avg electricity cost = $3.00/mo

Monthly Savings = $32.00

Yearly Savings = $384.00!

Humidex® Warranty
for Additional Savings
Humidex® products carry a 10-year parts warranty. Amortize the cost of the unit over ten years and compare that number to the cost of a conventional dehumidifier that needs to be replaced every few years!

Be sure to ask about the 10-year parts warranty when you call.
Economical and Efficient


Humidex® should become an integral part of any home for the protection of the structure and the added value to homeowners for the following reasons:

Now that an easy, affordable, efficient solution to moisture and indoor air quality is available, Humidex® warrants being installed as an integral part of any home.

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