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The table on this page lists the solution to common moisture problems.

Humidity Problem Moisture Control Solution
Is there excess condensation on your windows throughout the winter months? Humidex® eliminates excess winter window condensation.
Have you noticed any humidity damage like rotting window frames? Humidex® prevents condensation and eliminates rotting wood and costly home repair problems.
Is your basement damp and clammy during the summer? Humidex® controls your basement humidity problems all year round.
Does your basement smell musty and stale? Humidex® removes stuffy and stale odors from your basement and replaces them with fresh air 10 to 15 times per day.
Is the air temperature in your house difficult to control from one room to the next? Humidex® helps to control and maintain an even temperature throughout the house.
Is anyone in your family suffering from allergies caused by mould, mildew or dust mites? Humidex® expels harmful unhealthy mould, mildews, dust mites, and even radon gas from your home.
Does your dehumidifier require the water to be emptied daily? Humidex® is self sufficient - no maintenance required.
Is your dehumidifier or air/heat exchanger costing your $30 to $35 per month (or more) to operate? Humidex® is energy efficient and uses no CFCs. The operating cost is only $3.00 per month.
Humidex® Warranty
for Additional Savings
Humidex® products carry a 10-year parts warranty. Amortize the cost of the unit over ten years and compare that number to the cost of a conventional dehumidifier that needs to be replaced every few years!

Be sure to ask about the 10-year parts warranty when you call.
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