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Humidex® includes a full line of air exchange products.We specialize in full basement ventilation systems. The Humidex® UNS-209 and the Humidex® HDS-209 are the best air exchange systems for homes with large basements. Your living space will become clean and dry after installing one of these units in your basement. Our team is skilled in finding the best air exchange solution for your home and custom installation by our expert installation team is always free. For prompt, courteous service, call (207) 368-5161 for an estimate. There is never any obligation!

Humidex® UNS-209

The Humidex® UNS-209 basement unit is designed for homes with full basements and has an expandable height from 86.5"-102". The unit moves 180cfm with a basement coverage of 1300 sq.ft.

Humidex® HDS-209

The Humidex® HDS-209 basement unit is designed for homes with full basements and has an expandable height from 87.5"-103". The HDS-209 is a comparable to the UNS-209 with heavier duty capacities. The only difference is the basement coverage of 2100 sq.ft. with a Cubic Feet/Minute (CFM) of 240.

Each unit is an air evacuation system that is installed in the basement. Compact and discrete, both the UNS-209 and HDS-209 systems are designed to be placed against a wall and blend with the decor.

Humidex® Warranty
for Additional Savings
Humidex® products carry a 10-year parts warranty. Amortize the cost of the unit over ten years and compare that number to the cost of a conventional dehumidifier that needs to be replaced every few years!

Be sure to ask about the 10-year parts warranty when you call.

The benefits of the UNS-209 and the HDS-209 are:

Basement Unit for Apartments & Slab Foundations

If you live in an apartment or condo or in a house with a slab foundation or crawlspace, the Humidex® line features several products to meet your needs. Call today and speak to one of our representatives about a custom air exchange system for your home.

Tell us about your moisture control needs. We have a system to solve even the worst humidity problems. Call (207) 368-5161 today.

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